Ministry of Water & Power

Press release For the week ending September 6, 2013

Press release

For the week ending September 6, 2013



In furtherance to its objective of contributing to welfare of people of Pakistan; following are highlights of major activities which the Ministry of Water & Power has undertaken during the week ending August 30, 2013:

Efforts for foreign funding:

Ministry remained actively engaged with foreign funding institutions mainly from Germany, France and European Union to arrange funds for the following important projects:

Herpo Hydropower Project: It has an estimated cost of Rs. 14 billion and is planned to be constructed in Skardu over a period of four years and will have an installed capacity of 34.5 MW. The Project will generate 170 million units of power annually which will in return give revenue of around Rs. 1.3 billion.
During the period under consideration, Ministry of Water & Power has submitted PC – 1 of the Project to Planning Commission of Pakistan for seeking approval of the competent forum.
Khial Khawar Hydropower Project: It has been planned in Pattan, near Kohistan in Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa with an estimated cost of Rs. 29 billion. It will take four years to complete and will have an installed capacity of 128 MW. Upon completion, the Project is expected to generate 640 million units of electricity annually which will give revenue of around Rs. 5 billion per year.
PC – 1 of the Project has been prepared and submitted to Planning Commission of Pakistan for its consideration.
Phandar Hydropower Project: It has a designed power generation capacity of 80 MW and will take Rs. 128 billion to complete over a period of four years. When completed, it will produce 375 million units of electric power in a year which will in return generate revenue of around Rs. 3 billion on annual basis. PC – 1 of the Project is being firmed up in the Ministry.
Funding for projects for generation of power from solar and wind energy also remained under discussion with foreign financial entities.
Ministry has made a formal request to the World Bank through Economic Affairs Division for arranging funds for Diamer Bhasah Hydropower Project and Dassu Hydropower Project. Upon completion, Diamer Bhasah will not only generate 4500 MW of power but will also store water to the extent of 8MAF. Similarly, Dassu, which is a “Run of the River” project, will generate 4320 MW of electric power.
Ministry is fully cognizant of the fact that existing power distribution system of Distribution Companies needs refurbishment and up-gradation. To make improvement in this regard, a loan for an amount of Rs. 25 billion (Tranche – III) has been finalized with Asian Development Bank. This financing window will be used to make technical improvements in existing distribution mechanism of various Distribution Companies over a period of next three years.
Completion of institutional process:

Central Development Working Party has formally given clearance to the Concept Proposal related to Dassu Hydropower Project.
Ministry has remained busy with preparatory meetings for Inter - Governmental Council (IGC) Meeting for CASA – 1000. The meeting has been planned for September 16 – 17, 2013 at Islamabad. IGC is to be attended by Energy Ministers from Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Afganistan and Pakistan. The Project envisages import of 1000 MWs of electricity from Tajikistan to Pakistan via Afghanistan. In the up-coming meeting of IGC, Ministers will discuss possible modalities regarding transmission line which is to be laid for import of electricity. The “Resolution” which is to be signed by the Minister has already been approved by the Cabinet.
ECNEC has approved PC – 1 of Neelum Jehlum Evacuation Transmission Line of 500 KV. Due process is being completed for Award for contract for physical work. Once completed, 969 MWs of power to be generated by Neelum Jehlum Hydropower Project will be linked up with National Grid through this 27 Kms long and double circuited transmission line.
ECNEC has also approved PC – 1 of “Third Circuit of 500 KV Jamshoro – Rahim Yar Khan Transmission Line. The Circuit will facilitate evacuation of 1200 MWs of power which will be generated by under construction Coal Fired Project at Jamshoro and transmit it to the National Grid for use in the country.
650 MWs of additional Nuclear Power which has been planned at Chashma, will be evacuated through Transmission line for energizing the National Grid. ECNEC has approved PC – 1 for the proposed Transmission Line.
Additional Power:

Existing Jamshoro Power Plant has been producing only 200 MWs for want of technical improvements. It has now been upgraded by making technical improvements at a cost of about USD 20 million. It is now operating at 750 MWs by generating additional 500 MWs of power.