Ministry of Energy (Power Division)

Power Wing

 Power Wing of Ministry of Water and Power is responsible for the following main functions:

  • Strategic inputs in the master plan, 5 year plans and ADP in the Power sector and financial planning for various projects included in 5 year plans and ADP s.

  • Co-ordination among various federal agencies such as WAPDA, KESC and other electricity Departments for the development and operation of the projects in Power Sector. Coordination in the matters relating to import/export of electricity between WAPDA and KESC during critical periods.

  • Overall supervision of performances of power organization such as CEA, WAPDA, NEPRA, PPIB, PCIW, NPCC, and NESPAK.

  • Policy matters pertaining to national engineering bodies including PEC, IEP and Chamber of Engineers.

  • General monitoring activities in the field of power generation, transmission and its distribution and the power projects in the implementation stages.