Ministry of Water & Power

Decisions of 28th Board Meeting of AEDB under the chairmanship of Minister for Water & Power


  1. The AEDB Board approved standard templates of Letter of Intent (LOI) and Letter of Support (LOS) for projects under the Framework for Power Cogeneration 2013 (Biomass/Bagasse). This would result in 2000 MW capacity addition from biomass/bagasse based projects under the Policy Framework by 2016.
  2. The Board resolved that the grid infrastructure for evacuation of power from wind power projects and other RE projects be made available at the earliest possible and acknowledged the directions given to NTDC by the Ministry of Water & Power for evacuation of 1000-15000 MW wind power by December 2015.
  3. The Board also resolved to facilitate and process the RE projects in the pipeline on fast track basis for early completion of the projects.